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Boosting vigour and providing plant revitalization.

Folwin® is a liquid phyto-strengthener that contains a high concentration of specific yeast fractions isolated through Lallemand Research.

Folwin® supplies an infusion of nutrient elements, derived from a non-animal origin, that are quickly assimilated saving considerable energy for treated plants.


Delivery of this assistance helps with:

  • Stimulating vital metabolic processes, such as photosynthesis.
  • Providing security for key phases in plant growth cycles particularly when difficult climatic conditions or other challenges occur.

Folwin® promotes natural metabolic activity (particular photosynthesis) and saves energy (photosynthates). 

  • Composition: extracts isolated from a specific yeast strain.
    • Dry matter : >50%

  • Formulation: liquid
  • Storage: can be stored for 24 months in a dry place at room temperature in its hermetically sealed original packaging.
  • Organic Agriculture: usable in organic production subject to certification body approval.
  • Packaging:  

5 litre can