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Broad Acre Crops



Soil bound nutrients


Root growth

Providing natural stimulation and enhancement for healthy growth, better yields and increased quality

Rise™ P DualTech is a microbial preparation presented as a wettable powder.

Rise™ P DualTech contains two technologies from Lallemand Research:

– Rhizospheric bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain IT45

– Specific yeast fractions LYCC, as prebiotic support for the bacteria.

The bacteria Bacillus IT45 contained in Rise™ P DualTech multiply and quickly colonise the rhizosphere (root zone) by feeding first on the specific yeast fractions and progressively on root exudates. 

In return, this microbial population will provide several beneficial outcomes to the plants: phosphorus solubilisation, roots growth stimulation and a probiotic effect.


Rise™ P DualTech – increasing yield and quality at harvest:

  • Increasing number of tubers.
  • Increasing yield of targeted calibres.
  • Improving visual quality of tubers.


Composition: >109 CFU/g Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain IT45 and specific yeast fraction LYCC.
                                                        (CFU: Colony Forming Unit. Unit of measure for living microorganisms able to multiply).

Formulation: wettable powder.

Organic Agriculture: usable in organic production subject to certification body approval.

Safety: naturally occurring organism which is safe to humans, the environment and beneficial organisms when used as directed.

Storage: can be stored for 36 months in a dry place at room temperature in its hermetically sealed original packaging.

     1 kg bag


Dose rate: 1000 g/ha (Before planting (max 12 hours) OR before ridging (max 12 hours) OR at planting in the furrow)

Dose and Frequency:

Compatibility: for any mixing with chemical products, ask your distributor.


  • optimal temperature between 10°C and 30°C.
  • Apply preferably in humid conditions.
  • Do not apply on dry soils and in high temperature periods.


Application method:

Full cover soil spraying/drench (when applied before planting or before ridging)

Localised in-furrow spraying/drenching