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post harvest storage]

Naturally secure yield and quality by protecting crops during difficult conditions at key growth stages.

IntraCell® is a highly soluble product containing more than 96% of natural Glycine Betaine, a persistant and powerful osmoprotectant. 

IntraCell® adjusts the osmotic balance inside the plant cells, by being translocated throughout the plant within 24 hours and remaining active for a minimum of 21 days.


It provides several beneficial outcomes:

  • Increasing the ability of plants to obtain water from the soil and to retain it efficiently.
  • Improving the resistance of tissues and maintaining the metabolism in cases of hydric stress, salinity and temperature shock.
  • Enhancing the mobilisation of nutrients such as calcium and trace elements.


IntraCell® provides several significant benefits to crop plants:

  • Improving crop performance under conditions of environmental stresses: heat, salinity, drought and cold.
  • Absorbed rapidly and moved throughout the plants within 24 hours.
  • Remains active for 3 to 4 weeks inside the cells.

Composition: >96% of Glycine Betaine.

Formulation: wettable powder.

Organic agriculture: usable in organic production subject to certification body approval.

Storage: can be stored for 36 months in a dry place at room temperature in its hermetically sealed original packaging.


2 kg bag




Dose rate and frequency

For specific crop recommendation, see crop section or ask your distributor.

Compatibility: it is recommended to use IntraCell® with foliar fertilisers and/or agrochemicals to improve the systemic action of those products. Ask your distributor before mixing with plant protection products.

Do not mix with herbicide products when these are being applied over the top of a growing crop.

Spray volume required:

  • Up to 500 L of water: use a minimum of 2 kg/ha of IntraCell® 
  • For 500 L of water and more: use 0.4 % of IntraCell®  w/w.